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EIDSCHUN E310 Electroless Copper for Printed Circuit manufacturing

ASIeei delivered an Eidschun E310 with the Electromatic E60 Hoist for Printed Circuit manufacturing to a US manufacturer. The E310 was specifically designed to provide both desmear an electroless copper per the customer's proprietary process. Materials handling included removable carts to allow off-site loading and unloading of product into baskets. Our continuous improvement of this process equipment included an improved dryer with reduced energy consumption and heat escapement into the factory space. The system also included Cyclone vertical in-tank pumps and filtration.

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EIDSCHUN E40 Manual Process System

ASIeei delivered an Eidschun E40 manually operated process system. This system was built to customer specifications as a contained system including process replenishment. Each chemical process tank includes a programmed timer with visual/audio annunciator to prompt operators as to when the tank time is complete and the next location for rack placement. A customer programmable PLC with Color Touchscreen is used to program the rack timeway and operate all in-tank systems (pumps, heaters, etc.). The system also included Cyclone vertical in-tank pumps and filtration.

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EIDSCHUN E310 Electroless Copper and E230 Copper/Tin Plating system for Printed Circuit manufacturing

ASIeei deliver two EIDSCHUN automatic E60 hoist process systems for the manufacturing of Printed Circuits. The E310 is a PCB process system that deposits a thin electroless copper to metallize the substrate and also electro-deposits copper over the electroless coating to increase copper thickness. The E230 system electroplates additional copper to complete the circuit thickness and adds electroplated Tin to form the etch resist. This equipment includes our latest control software and remote diagnostics capability to reduce operator skill requirements and improve maintainability. The systems include on-line Cyclone vertical in-tank pumps and filtration, automated batch transfer, solution analysis with process control and rack stripping.

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EIDSCHUN E400 Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold Final Finish System

ASIeei delivers another EIDSCHUN automatic E400 for the manufacturing of PCB project. This batch system is designed to automatically process PCB product through the final finish process called ENIG. ENIG is an acronym for Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold. This system has been delivered and installed at a customer who has two existing EIDSCHUN systems for Electroless Copper and Copper Tin processing. The new ENIG system features our E60 Bridgematic 20 Hoist, low energy dryer, and our latest AC X drive system for smooth and accurate load placement.

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EIDSCHUN E700m Aluminum Finishing System built by ASIeei

This unique EIDSCHUN E700m manual process line built by ASIeei features several aluminum finishes for an aerospace manufacturer. The system is designed to utilize the customer facility's existing manual hoist and ventilation. The customer request to reduce environmental impact resulted in a hood designed to eliminate mist and reduce waste generation at the tank source utilizing specialized mist elimination and wash down built into the hoods. The PLC control system was designed to allow individual pre-programmed timeways for several different processes to direct operators from tank to tank within the timeway sequence as each process times out to reduce process variation and operator error. Vertical stainless pumps and filters by Cyclone Products are directly mounted on the tanks eliminating external chemical piping.

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EIDSCHUN E310 Electroless & E210 Electrolytic machine built by ASIeei

The EIDSCHUN systems built by ASIeei were recently installed at an off-shore PCB manufacturer. The systems are designed to process two rows of panels fixtured to a stainless steel rack through an E310 Electroless Copper-Copper Flash process on one machine and then an E210 Electrolytic Copper/Tin process on the other. The machines are constructed using a stainless steel frame with polypropylene process tanks serviced by our E60 Bridgematic 20 hoist. This systems include our low energy electric dryer design and our latest machine control system featuring a full color graphic operator interface.

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ASI A3030 Horizontal Wet Processor

EIDSCHUN is pleased to announce the delivery of its ASI A3030 horizontal wet processor configured for the advanced CIGS solar cell manufacturing technology. The ASI A3030 is a standard pre-engineered process system that can be custom manufactured to satisfy specific customer applications. The delivery of this machine to the solar industry is another important step in the equipment design and development for thin film solar manufacturing.

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Solar Cell Wet Process Equipment

EIDSCHUN is pleased to announce the delivery of its E3000 processor configured for the advanced CIGS solar cell manufacturing technology. The new CIGS solar cell material manufacturing technology eliminates the need for expensive silicon in the production of solar cells. The EIDSCHUN E3000 was selected for its durable design and its ability to be custom manufactured to meet the CIGS technology wet process requirements. The delivery of this machine to the solar industry is another important step for equipment development for this important industry as our country moves towards alternate energy sources.

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EIDSCHUN's latest E320 Electroless Copper System

The EIDSCHUN E320 system was recently installed at a quick turn PCB manufacturer. This system is designed to process two rows of panels in a basket through the Electroless Copper thru-hole process used in the manufacture of Printed Circuit boards. The machine is constructed using a stainless steel frame with polypropylene process tanks. The hoist operates along a two stainless steel rails located above the process tanks and out of reach of operators for safety. This E320 featured materials handling carts for moving the baskets to and from the Load and Unload stations allowing operators to service the baskets in different work centers. This system also included our latest dryer design the reduces energy consumption by over 60%. The computer control system offers a high resolution color graphic interface to the operator to simplify training and operation.

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EIDSCHUN builds advanced PCB process line
with enclosed hoist.

The EIDSCHUN E410 equipped with our E60-50 Bridgematic hoist is now offered with an enclosed hoist. The E410 processes multiple PCBs in a basket through the customer prescribed chemical process. With this type of machine, as the basket is raised from the process tank fuming can be a problem since the basket is now out of reach of the tank ventilation. The enclosed hoist captures the fumes and by using laminar flow air from the top of the hoist downward over the basket forces the fumes down to the tank level to be removed by the tank hoods. This unique ventilated hoist greatly improves the operator environment and reduces corrosion within the facility.

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EIDSCHUN builds advanced Barrel Plating System

Eidschun Engineering's E600 Barrel Plating System was recently delivered to a major connector manufacturer. This machine utilizes the EIDSCHUN ProLift Hoist to automate acid tin plating of brass and copper stamped electrical connectors features a unique load and unload station that improves operator efficiency. Premium accessories from Cyclone Products include Progalvano motorized plating barrels and Kraft computer controlled switchmode rectifiers to allow this system to operate 24/7.

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